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Boot Message X300 SE 128MB BIOS P/N 113-A33406-100


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Boot Message X300 SE 128MB BIOS P/N 113-A33406-100

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I came home to find my printer cable had been eaten by my rabbit. My father spliced the cable, but he did not separately splice the colors inside! I didn't know that he just spliced it all together without separating the colored cables. Anyway, I plugged it in and my pc came up with the above message. I can't get it to do anything.

I've seen other posts here and elsewhere about removing the CMOS battery or removing RAM but I was hoping to find out if anyone had any other ideas based on what happened.  I just hope this didn't fry my motherboard.

Thanks in advance.


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  • List everything plugged into the PC. What Dell model PC?

  • It's a Dimension 4700. I upgraded the RAM awhile ago to 1.5GB. Everything else has been plugged into it for a long time. Aside from the HP printer, I have a sewing machine cable plugged in via USB (machine is turned off), Netgear wireless USB device, speakers, wireless mouse/keyboard unit (USB), USB storage device. The wireless mouse died, so I have a  mouse plugged in also. Nothing else plugged in at the moment that I remember. I am not at home, so can't list mfgr of storage and wireless mouse/keyboard although I think the last is Dell.  

    Thanks for your time.

  • Wow. This system is really  messed up. I found that my rabbit had also chewed up the sound system cables so I disconnected that, too. I also took out the SanDisk Cruzer 4GB flash drive. I only left the mouse and the cordless keyboard along with the monitor plugged in. All essentials.

    I got to various stages of booting up including starting Safe Mode only to get the blue screen saying to remove all unnecessary components and try again. I also got into the Setup several times but it keeps hanging when I try to select anything. And also, I get the black screen with the X300 message again when booting up. In fact, I got it after it started booting up when I didn't hit F2 and just let it go.  So I get to different stages of booting up and the first time I got a hint of XP booting only to get the black screen with the error message. After the first time, I never got that far again.