dell inspiron 531 with sata hl-dt-st dvd+rw not being detected


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dell inspiron 531 with sata hl-dt-st dvd+rw not being detected

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ive got the above pc and i can burn cd and watch dvd but cannot burn dvd anymore,ive had the burner tested on another pc and it works fine.ive uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers,ive tried different blank dvd disks,ive run the microsoft program on the dell site that checks the filters etc all that told me is that the drive wasnt capable of burning,ive done a disk cleanup and did a system resore back to another date,ive tried pretty much everything ive come acroos with no joy,my pc is now out of warranty and am running out of ideas what to do,i thinks its pointless to buy a new burner as i know this one works,i would really appreciate a solution as this is driving me mad,any replies would be really appreciated guys.


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  • There are many firmware updates listed for the various CD/DVD drives used int he 531 on the Dell downloads HERE

    You will need to identify exactly which model drive you have and then see if there is a firmware for it.  What you listed is not the drive make/model.

    If that doesn't fix it, suggest you repost on the Drive section of the forum, which is the forum section for disc drive problems.  Click ME 

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