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XPS 400 does not boot - Light 3 and 4


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XPS 400 does not boot - Light 3 and 4

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My 2004 XPS 400, with Windows XP SP3 and all updates, does not boot. Immediately after I turn it on, I have 5 or 6 beeps and lights 3 and 4 are up. There is no display on the monitor at any time as this problem comes litteraly in the first 1/2 second of the boot process (The computer turns on, lights from CD drives come on and off, fan starts, all at the same time - and 3+4 are lit with beeps)

I cannot boot on disk or CD, the problem comes before the PC even tries to boot on anything.

I see in the owner manual that it indicates the problem: "Memory modules are detected, but a memory failure has occurred".  I have 2 memory modules, I have rebooted the PC on each of these - one at a time, sitching the slots and everything, with the same result. I have also tried unplugging....

Can anyone help me! Thank you in advance

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  • Arnaud_14,

    Did you try both memory sticks in the white slots, then the black slots. If stll no go, replace the memory.

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  • Yes: I tried all combination of 1 and 2 memory stick in all combinations of the 4 slots.

    I have also tried using memory sticks from another (functionning!) XPS 400 - no result

    Is there a way to boot on anything (CD, disk, USB) before arriving to this sorry frozen state?

    Thank you for your response-


  • I have the very same problem with my XPS720. It's only 1.5 years old?! Please help.

  • I am having the same problem. The other day, my Dimension 510 refused to start. Just lights 3 & 4 showing. OK, bought 2 new sticks of 667 DDR2. (needed an upgrade anyway) It worked great for the rest of that day, but, when i turned it on the next day; nothing but lights 3 & 4 again. I then substituded the new sticks in a machine for its 800 DDR2 and that one worked fine. Not a memory problem. Power supply? I swaped out for a 500watt antec to no avail: 3 & 4.

    What next:  Motherboard?  CPU?


  • Good news.

    After setting idle for more than a month, i had some time to troubleshoot my Dell Dimension E510. This time lights 1,2,3 stayed up indicating a loose connection on Hard drive or something else. I then rebooted after wiggling and reseating all the connections I could find and bingo it made it thru bios. It stopped with 2 messages; 1 about the battery( yeah i know, i'll get to that), but the other was most interesting. Seems as though the fan had failed, not the power supply, of course, but the CPU fan. The motherboard has a HUGE... I mean HUGE heat sink with a fan at the front of the case. The whole assembly takes up the front third of the board and completely covers the plug connection of the motherboard. I now could definitely feel a slight air flow even thought the system is totally quite. I think the fan not powering up, for whatever reason, would halt the bios from booting. We will see what tommorow will bring. One thing i know both memmory configuration are good.

  • I have the exact problem with my XPS 400.  I have tried to replace the memory but no result,

    Any solution for this problem? or does this problem has been solved?

    Thank you in advance!