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Computer not booting up and making a buzzing sound

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When th power button is pushed, the computer (Dell Dimension 9100 series) will not boot up the operating system.  Everything lights up, but it buzzes 5-6 times then stalls.  It has happened in the past, but always seemed to work itself out of it.  The computer's OS is Windows XP if that matters.


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  • It sounds like the computer isn't booting past the Power on Self Test, When you turn it on, what color is the light inside the power button? and is it blinking? Next I would like to direct you to look on the front of your computer, between the USB and headphone jack, there should be a few lights, Note which ones are lit, and refer to the service guide, located here: <> Also note the beeps, as the definitions of the errors are listed below those of the diagnostic lights.  I hope this helps yah out a bit. 

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  • I looked at the power button and it is the green/yellow color.  Of the lights between the front USB and the headphone jacks, the #3 & #4 are lit.  I could not interpret the beeps into something that appeared on the code list.  It sounded like 1-3-2.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  • I clicked the link provided and scrolled below the definitions for the power LED light, and the --34 lights indicate an issue with the memory. 

    I suggest that you take and put back in the memory, the following is a link to the users manual: <

    If after reseating the memory doesn't work, I'd suggest trying one stick at a time in each port to determine if its one stick that doesn't work or if its one socket that doesn't then contact tech support and they can provide further assistance with replacing the memory or motherboard depending on the specific cause. If you're out of warranty they can transfer you to out of warranty repair /spare parts.  good luck.Devil

    Let me be very, very clear. You do NOT want to click Here.