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Precision 670 Processor Question


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Precision 670 Processor Question

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I have a dual 3Ghz Xeon 670 and i'm wondering what is the largest processors i can run? I know the 3.8Ghz "Irwindale's" will work but what about the Dual Core "Paxville DP" at 2.8Ghz? Will i need a different VRM? If so which one? Thanks

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  • BlackTTC6,

    Both those will work.

    KF885 Paxville Xeon Kit, 2.8G, 800FSB, 4MB, A0
    RF923 Irwindale Xeon Kit, 3.8G, 800FSB, 2MB N0

  • DELL-Chris M


    Both those will work.

    KF885 Paxville Xeon Kit, 2.8G, 800FSB, 4MB, A0
    RF923 Irwindale Xeon Kit, 3.8G, 800FSB, 2MB N0

    Thanks Chris. I was hoping the Dual core would work.



  • The Precision 670 came with 4 different motherboards:


    Determine which version you have first. It's on a sticker on the MB at the back by the parallel port. ONLY the XC837 will support dual-core Paxville CPU.

  • I have verified that I have an XC837 REV A00 motherboard. I wanted to upgrade to the DC Paxville CPU. Specifically, I wanted to upgrade a pair of Intel Xeon SL8UD CPUs.

    After carefully installing them and poweing up the system, it wont POST and the fans spool up 100% (sounds like a jet taking off). So I shut it off, opened it up, and took out the CPU and reseated it again to be double sure. Still same result. And to be sure I didn't screw anything up, I put back my old Xeons and it POSTED fine.

    Does the XC837 motherboard not support these particular "Paxville Xeon DC CPUs"? If not, then that was VERY misleading to read "XC837 will support Paxville Xeon CPUs."

    Can a technician or expert from Dell verify this?

    Also FYI, my board has the A06 BIOS chip installed.

  • I know that you have to download the newest bios version AO7.

    I purchased the SL8UD also and just found out that I need the XC837 motherboard, I have the OMG022.

    Please Let me know if this works and I wil order the xc837 also.

    I have read alot of reviews that said the SL8MA works, the SL8UD has all the same specs only faster so it should work.

    Good Luck

  • Out of curiosity, assuming you can get them to work and you don't mind my asking, how much did these replacement processors cost?

    I was just weighing the thought of getting a whole (newer) machine, e.g., from eBay complete with processors, vs. changing out the processors my old 470, which is now a server.


  • sl8ud- $39 free shipping - ebay

  • Ok, now i know that the sl8ud does NOT work in the MG022 or the xc837.

    Fans run at full speed, no post. Both with bios AO7.

    I found another guy in another forum that said the sl8ud does NOT work in the XC838 for the precision 470 either. With the same result I had.

  • Your board is for Paxville CPU's. The actual full kit (I've ordered one for self install in the past) is JG454.

    The only other board I know of is X0392 for the Nocona and Irwundale procs.

    I called into Precision's helpdesk and a tech clued me in that they see lots of Irwindale and Nocona but only ONE Paxville CPU in their parts list, which is the one you have. Part should be KF885. Yes, I call the helpdesk sometimes to answer forum questions :P

    In short, unless you swap the board, you're jammed.


    BTW, the VRM for 2nd proc is KG229. They only sell one.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, thats why I hoped the SL8UD would work.

    The SL8UD and SL8MA are both Paxville processors. If you compare the specs they are both the same except for the speed.

    There are numerous forum posts that say the sl8ma works in the Precision 670, XC837 board. But they are all really old posts.

    So I was thinking maybe nobody tried the sl8ud because at the time of most of the posts the processor cost over $4000.

    Trying to build a decent computer cheaply is starting to get expensive. It has become more of an obsession now so I will probably keep throwing money in the hole.


  • Hi There,  I made an upgrade to SL8MA, if you already have the fan second shroud and heatsink the upgrade will cost almost nothing, I bought 2 CPU for 30 together with delivery, but this gives me a system like a new i3 . The difference is the power consumption !! Yes the numbers are correct VRM: KG229 but works with the original as well and the motherboard must be XC837 that you already have. BIOS must be A07. I checked SL8UP but even the voltage range should ok, so I'm a bit surprised as the supply should be more than enough for the +60w power consumption difference.SL8UP provides VT-x as extra nothing really more in the architecture. The SL8MA is Paxville DP the only one that is a dual-core equivalent of the single-core Irwindale. SL8UP is Paxville MP, 7k series: 7041