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XPS 400 wont boot

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XSP 400 will not boot, only getting the blinking amber light on the power button.  installed new power supply, now getting same blinking amber light (which is much faster now) and diagnostic codes 1,3,4.  tried removing the RAM, unplugging the periphals, BIOS battery, jumpers, tried everything... any suggestions what be great!!  Thanks

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  • by chance do you have a power supply tester to confirm the new psu is ok?

    sometimes a faulty front IO/control panel causes the blinking amber light.

  • No, I don't have a tester, but the fan on the PSU comes on, if that makes a difference...

  • i tested with a power tested, all the loght are green except for the -5v light do not come on... would this mean the PSU is no good?