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System Restore to Factory Issues Dimension E510

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I am re building a really messed up system for a friend. Tho Im not always a big Dell fan, the internal partition (CTRL/F11) actually is a pretty good thing.

It all went fine, for the most part, but after its all reset I have a few issues

First was getting rid of that dreadeful McAfee stuff.. I finally found the secret steps in order to get it off ughh Why does that have to be so difficult, but ok done

Next issue, upon reboot it now wants to do some install for Sonic stuff and is looking for a CD, which of course I dont have. TILL you can even get OUT of the close/cancel loop is sooo annoying. I went thru  add/remove and have removed any reference to Sonic I can see, yet on each reboot its still comes up with trying to install the Sonic Activation Module , the default in the LOOK IN box just says a number 1. However nothing I do, gets RID of it. Cancel, Close, OK, NOTHING

This seems to be a missing clitch in this other wize nicely done and accessible way to resore a system

Any help?




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  • Run msconfig and see if there is an entry in startup that should be deleted.

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