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will it work Dimension E521 AMD 6400+ upgrade


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will it work Dimension E521 AMD 6400+ upgrade

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I want to upgrade my Dell Dimension E521 CPU: AMD Athlon X2 64 4200+ ADA42001AA5CU 89Watt stepping/revision F2. The Mobo is Dell OCT103 versionA03 
Did some search and figured out that the new AMD7750 does not work due the AM2+ Bios issue. 
I could not figure out if the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ stepping/revision F3 would work, it is a AM2 CPU so it will fit, but will my Bios accept it, could not find anything on the web. 
Please help because the 6400+ will become very rare item now a days.

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  • Toine3

    No, it's not supported.

    The Athlon 64 X2 6000+ should work, but be certain that you buy the 89w version of the processor. 



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  • Why does the 6400+ not work.??? is this also Bios related

    And why must I go for the 6000 89W and not the 6000 125W?? The 125W  is revision:F3, Cmos:90nmSoi and the 89Watt is revision: G2, Cmos:65nmSoi looks to me another shape or so and possibly more Bios problems?????.

    I have read also at the Dell forum, the Dell E521 can manage a Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 125 Watt CPU. So I think the 6400+ should not be given any problems at the 125W, I will cost me only a bigger PSU.
    I aways had in mind that the Bios should recognize the CPU, if the Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 125 Watt CPU is recognize then I will allso be recognize the Athlon 6400+ 125Watt CPU, because they have the same revision F3 and Cmos90Nm, only the core speed is 200Mhz higher and the 6400+ is a black edition. (I'm I right about eqeal CPU?) Can I check something in the bios I have the last Bios installed or at the Setup???

    Below is a link of the CPU's and my stock one for a better look at the CPU spec's.
    The 4200+ is my actual CPU.

    Nbridge= Nvidia Gforce6150 revA2
    Sbridge= Nvidia Nforce 410/430MCP rev A2

  • Please help me there must be a specialist here?????

  • There is actually three versions of the 6000+.

    • ADX6000IAA6CZ - 6000+, 125W, 3.0Ghz, Windsor (F3)
    • ADA6000IAA6CZ - 6000+, 89W, 3.0Ghz, Windsor (F3)
    • ADV6000IAA5DO - 6000+, 89W, 3.1Ghz, Brisbane (G2)

    Only the 89W Windsor is truly supported by the E521.  The 125W Windsor (as well as the 6400+) runs very hot and the heatsink for the 521 series is only designed for 89 Watts.  They will actually run, but you would be taking a chance of overheating.  As for the 89W Brisbane, that is a question.  It was released well after the latest BIOS update for the E521.  However some people have gotten it to work, but others have not.  So your best bet is to try and find a 89W Windsor.

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  • May I ask you something; what did you dicide to go for the 6400+ CPU and not the 6000+??? was this only based on performance???

    Btw the 6400+ is complete with a heatsink


  • I actually used two different processors over the past year.  One is the 6400+ and the other was a 6000+ Brisbane.  Most of the time I use the 6400+, but when I was burning photos to DVD it would overheat during the burn and cause the DVD to skip.  Even with an aftermarket heatsink.  So I ordered the 6000+ and it worked great.  Once I was done burning photos I put the 6400+ back in.  The reason I bought the 6400+ in the first place was because of it's stated performance.  And yes it performs very well.

    As for the heatsink that comes with it, you're problem is the E521 doesn't use a standard bracket for attaching it.  Dell changed this with the 531.  So unless you make some modifications to the motherboard/bracket you'll risk having heat issues with the existing heatsink.  Dell only offered the 521 with 89W processors. 

    A layout of the E521 motherboard is here.

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  • Thanks but the AMD 64 X2 6400+ is solt out in my country or some supplier do ask to much $$$$. I want to thank everybody for there help here .
    If you are intented to upgrade the E521 CPU to the AMD 6400+ here a very good site:

    I'm now going to a AMD quad system, using an old ATX case and use part from the Dell. Mobo will be AM3 & DDR3 based, so I'm prepared for a future CPU upgrade.

  • I know this is an old post, but I'm adding this here in case this comes up again.

    My sons E521 power supply died so I installed a GX 650.  Since I was in the systems I decided to do a full upgrade.  I paid $99.00 for the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ and another $50.00 for 2 more Kingston PC-6400 KTD-DM8400C6 1Gig DIMM for a total of 4 Gigs of memory.  I also had an EVGA nVidia 8800 GT card that I dropped in.  I left the stock heat sink.  The system booted with no problems and runs just fine.  CPU temp idles at 31/29 (C) and  under load (gaming) runs 61/59 (C).  Video Card temps idles at 34 (C) and runs 61 (C) while gaming.  My son has had no problem running Crysis Warhead, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, and just installed Fallout New Vegas.  I should point out that I live in Florida so the ambient room temperature stays around 77 (F). 

    I thinks this is about the most that this system is going to deliver with the exception of upgrading the video card.  May be able to use ClockGen to OC the CPU a little since you can't adjust FSB and voltage in BIOS. 

    I didn't have to modify the case to add any of the components. 

    Not sure it this helps but I just wanted to let you know that a 6400+ will work in the E521

  • Go to find the central brain identifier, then you can adjust the voltage by this software. Keep in your mind the Dell's mobo design is not a 125Watt mobo. So changing the voltage will give you more watt and a crash. Try to use Orthes or OCCT  http://www.ocbase.com/perestroika_en/index.php?Download

    All to test if your system can handle max load when OC.

    I have also a 6400+ btw, got after I had closed this topic, an offer from a Internet firm to get the last 6400+ for a reasonable price.  After that I put in a new cooler/ATI HD4890 Vcard/4Gb Crucial Ballistixs/fast 500Gb HD and a Corsair 750Watt PSU.  System was running like a rocket but now I running at 100% CPU load because the game I play is demanding 4cores.   


  • I have the E521 and i would like to ask is there a new processor i can get i can find the ADA6000IAA6CZ - 6000+, 89W, 3.0Ghz, Windsor (F3) any were.  

  •    I saw a couple on ebay a few days ago, they were asking about $60.00.  Not sure if they are still listed. If I get a chance, I will look later.  

       If you are going to try to use this CPU in your E521, you are going to need to upgrade your PSU.  The stock Dell PSU (300 Watt) won't supply enough stable power.

       Hope this helps. 

  • I have the 125w AMD 64 X2 6400+ and still use the stock Dell PSU, only if you are going to get another Vcard, it is wise to put in another PSU!!! 

    In this case I would go for modulair PSU, because the Dell PC case is rather small. When using a modulair PSU you can unplug the not needed leads. 


  • Forgot something I think the 6000+ 89watt does not work in the Dell dimension you have to go for the 6400+ or the 6000+  both 125watt if still can be found.

  • Tonie3,

       Thanks for the input. 

      I was just going by what AMD recommended for the PSU.  I never tried the using the stock PSU in the E521.  Since I was putting in the CPU and upgraded the Vcard  I went with the larger PSU.

       I think it's great If the 6400+ is working with the stock CPU.  I always wondered if when they were talking about the the wattage If was in reference to max TDP wattage.  One of these day, I just going to have to measure how much wattage is actually being pulled by the CPU.

       Have a good day.

  • I am currently running the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ (125Watt), Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, 6 GB ram, upgraded heat sink, 500watt ps and  the computer recongnizes all the ram AND the Processor!  I am running Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit service pack 1 (build 7601) for and OS. CPUZ says the following for the processor; stepping 3, revision JH-F3 on the 6400+!  The Bios for the Dell Motherboard (0CT 103    A02) is 1.1.11!!!  Hope this helps. I am going to upgrade to the maximum of 16 GB RAM for Win 7 Home Premium in the future, so hope to post how that goes.