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Cursor freeze, screen freeze


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Cursor freeze, screen freeze

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I posted the information in the next paragraph yesterday [in bold] and received a helpful reply.

I have a DELL Dimension 8300 with XP Pro, 4 GB RAM and a 120 GB HD that is essentialy full.  I want to add a second HD, say 1 TB, and make it my primary drive, using the original 120 GB HD for backing up my photo collection.

However, anticipating buying a new HD, I transferred a lot of photos and a few files to an external drive this morning.  I then defragged the HD.  Now, whenever I try to open Quicken I get an immediate cursor freeze and the only way out seems to be a manual shutdown and reboot.  I can't use Ctrl/Alt/Delete to get out of the freze.

The same thing happened when I was trying to use MS Word, but at least it opened and let me do a bit of typing before the same thing happened.  This does not, or at least has not, happened with Outlook [yet].

What can I do to fix this? All help will really be appreciated since my wife will only use the desktop and not this laptop.


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  • Here is an update that may help others in the future.

    I initially had 500mb of RAM, upgraded to 1gb a while back, with 256mb sticks in each of the 4 memory slots.

    I recently upgraded from 1 to 4 by intalling 4 1gb sticks in each of the 4 slots.  As I reflect, that's when the problems started. I have since 'solved' this problem by removing 2 gb and now have 2 256 mb sticks and 2 1gb sticks for a total of 2.5gb and my pc runs like a charm.  Just to verify that I wasn't overlooking something else, I reinstalled to 2 1gb sticks and repeated the problem.  So I now have a stable machine with 2.5 gb of RAM.

    Perhaps this was a power supply problem, although how much extra power could the extra RAM need?