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Can't read SD Card


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Can't read SD Card

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I have a Dimension E521 with card slots in the front panel (Windows Vista Home Premium).

When I insert the SD card in the slot, the green light comes on, but I cannot see the card contents anywhere in "Computer".

Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with my system?.

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  • Hi Ken44. Welcome to the Community Forums.

    You do not say if you upgraded from XP to Vista, or if it is 32 bit or 64 bit system, or if it was working well before this.

    This is a old problem with the Teac CAB 200 HH 13 in 1 card reader, and a touch and go problem to solve it.

    I do not have Vista but I am going to try to help you.

    Double click My PC. See if the Icons for the card are there, they should be: F:, G:, H:, I:.

    Also you can check Device Manager. Check "Disk Unit" to see if there are four CAB 200 and there are not yellow ! or ?. If you found those marks you need to install the driver.

    There are New Firmware and Driver for the CAB 200 in Dell Support web page "Drivers & Downloads" look under CD/DVD. Enter your Tag service number and then your OS (operative system). Read the instruction to install the firmware and driver.

    With the new firmware and driver To safely remove a memory card from the Card Reader, right click the card icon and select Eject, then remove the memory card after the color icon changes to black & white

    Also and this is if the PC has been moved lately, or you may try as a last resort, the cables can become loose. Open the console. disconnect the cables and connect them again. Some people have done it with the power on. I would do it with the power off and following the instruction on the owner´s manual on how to replace hardware. Boot the PC and let Windows install the card reader again.

    Hope it helps.


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