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How do you open the XPS 730x Case?


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How do you open the XPS 730x Case?

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I just took delivery of my beautiful computer and wanted to make sure nothing was loose inside due to ground shipping.  I for the life of me cant figure out how to open the side panel?  I dont have the windowed side panel, just the standard one.

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  • Hi V0X,


    here you go

    for the full list refer here




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  • hi thanks for the answer, but, i cant seem to pull hard enough on that back latch to unhook it... it seems if I pull any harder it will break..

  • V0X,

    I think if your system running fine then there is no reason for you to open it anyway.

    Unless you system stops running and you might want to get guide on the phone by Dell Technician to do it.

    Good luck and have fun with the XPS, I am so "WANTED" to have one system like that Wink


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  • I had the same problem when I first opened the case as well.

    I was pulling out and UP instead of just straight out on the black tab.

    Pull straight out on the tab.  Don't get tempted to pull up.   Up doesn't work.