Adding second hard drive to Dell Vostro 420 and adding SIIG media reader/writer w/floppy disk drive


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Adding second hard drive to Dell Vostro 420 and adding SIIG media reader/writer w/floppy disk drive

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I recently purchased a Vostro 420 w/320gb hard drive.  A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a Western

Digital 160gb hard drive in a futile effort to bring a Dimension 8100 back to life.  Can the 160gb hard drive

be added as a second drive?  Using Windows XP.  The site shows that if I ordered the Vostro 420 with the

320gb hard drive and tried to order the 160gb hard drive as a second drive, there would be a conflict.  Put another

way, does the second hard drive have to be identical to the primary?

Also, has anyone installed the SIIG USB 2.0 9-in-1 media Reader/Writer and Floppy Disk Drive?


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  • Hello clip44, The Dell web site would probably show a conflict when ordering this system, but the below link shows that this system will support up to four hard drives.

    The only consideration here is, what type 160 GB hard drive do you want to add to the Vosrto 420.

    It supports only SATA drives and you didn't mention if that is the type drive your have.

    If it is a SATA type drive, you shoud be able to install it and enter the BIOS and enable the port that you connect it to, save your settings, and reboot into windows.

    The added drive should show up but it may have a drive number different than you expect since you already have the drive numbers assigned.

    You can change the drive letter numbers however.

    I am sorry, but I know nothing about the card reader.

    Hope this helps.


  • clip44


    The 160gb hard drive purchased for 8100, would be IDE, the Vostro 420 does not support IDE drives, only SATA.


    The easiest way to use the 160gb IDE hard drive, would be to install it in a powered USB 2.0 IDE external enclosure and attach it to a USB port.


    If you want to install the hard drive in the case, buy a PCI IDE controller card and attach the IDE drive to the card and you would need to buy a 15-pin-SATA to 4-pin Molex power adaptor for the 160gb hard drive.


    The Vostro does not support an internal Floppy Drive.  If you require a FD, use a USB 2.0 external floppy drive.


    Sorry, can not help with a SIIG USB 2.0 9-in-1 media Reader/Writer, as I use an external Media reader, maybe another member can help you with this.






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