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Precision 360 Diagnostic Lights


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Precision 360 Diagnostic Lights

  • Hello,


    I have a precision 360 that has ABCD diag lights.  I recently had a boot problem and now it will not boot at all.  No video on the screen and the lights that are lit as follows;







    I don't here any bios posting or pre-post video at all.  I believe this is a vid problem but I don't want to start hip-shooting at this to resolve by throwing hardware at it.  Can anyone assist me with this?

  • This is indeed a graphics card issue per the diagnostic light codes:


    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


    Double check that the board and any attached cables are correctly installed.  Short of replacing the graphics adapter, not sure what else to tell you.

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  • Europa303,


    Thanks for the update and link.  I was search the Dell website for that but unsuccessful.  I was going to purchase a graphics card, but wasn't sure that would do the trick. 


    Which graphics card do you recommend?  I use this system for lite-gaming and internet.

  • Sorry, but I'm not overly knowlegable about graphics cards, so would suggest you repost your question asking for recommendations in this forum or the video forum just above this one.  Best of luck.