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What's lastest Vostro 410 motherboard Bios version Dell ships?

  • I purchased one on Aug. 14 and the BIOS is still 1.0.1. When I tried to update the BIOS to 1.0.3 today, it ended to brick my motherboard. I have to call tech support to replace it tomorrow. Seems the windows program downloaded from Dell website is not good. I am wondering what BIOS version I will get, the latest or still 1.0.1? My finger crossed. Maybe I should let the on-site support update it for me if it's not the latest.
  • Should be 1.0.3.



    Flashing BIOS in Windows is always a risky option.  If possible it is always better to flash in DOS using a boot floppy, boot CD, or bootable USB key.