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Alert System battery voltage is low


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Alert System battery voltage is low

  • Hi SpeedStep,

    Thank you for your response and graphical info.

    Apologies for my late response.

    On reflection I think that as the warning has not appeared for 3 successive days I will leave the replacement until it re-appears.

    Thanks again.

  • This so out of my range

    I just started getting the system battery votage is low and the computer will not go on I never even knew there was a battery inside

    Talking about computer dumb!!!

    Is this someting that I can esaly do?


  • dgh

    Hi when I boot up the new machine I just bought it has the following  Alert message showing

    System Battery Voltage is Low options F1 to continue F2 to review set up

    Can anybody advise on what this is about please ?

  • evolvhealth4u

    This message normally means that you need to replace the coin cell battery on the motherboard.

    For more help you need to post the computer model and the version of windows that's installed.



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  • Good rundown.  Thanks.

    As I went to implement it on a user's Dell Optiplex gx620, I discovered a bulging capacitor right next to the battery compartment.  I adjusted the connectors of the battery compartment, but I'm betting that failing capacitor is my gremlin.  Defective capacitors can causes erratic, unpredictable, intermittent behavior just like this battery alert that comes and goes for some people.

    For the inexperienced, capacitors are scattered all over the motherboard and look like little cylinders, often silver on top with green, blue, or beige wrapping around the sides.  On many models, the top is etched with grooves in the shape of an X or K.

    These cylinders are supposed to be flat on top, but if a capacitor goes bad, pressure builds inside and forces the top open.  Small amounts of material may ooze out the top and dry out there leaving a bit of white or brown material amidst the grooves that may resemble corrosion on a old car battery.

    If you see these, you may be looking at a motherboard or computer replacement unless you know someone who replaces capacitors.  I've heard of it being done, but it's cost efficiency must be suspect given the rarity with which it is attempted.


    My reply above refers to the procedure suggested by gavin2812 on page 15 of this thread.

  • Try turning keyboard errors to off in the bios.

  • Hello, I thought I was working on the Dell Dimension 8250 from hell, until I found an easy solution, I let Dell detect the motherboard, downloaded the updated BIOS from Dell and updated the BIOS, all works perfect now.


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