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DCCY, DCNE, DCSM, DCTR model definitions


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DCCY, DCNE, DCSM, DCTR model definitions

  • I am struggling to find any references or documentation detailing the model nomenclature of Optiplex GX745 USFF models.  What is the difference between a DCCY or DCNE model?


    I searched the Dell site, this forum, google'd and even called Dell but unfortunatley came up with nothing.  Using the Service Tags in the warranty status page only tells me that they have different parts and I have no way of checking all the model types.  In other words, I only have Service Tags for the DCCY and DCNE but I do not for the DCTR or DCSM models.


    Does anyone know the nomenclature summarizing these four-letter model numbers? DCNE, DCCY, DCSM, DCTR.  Basically, what do these mean and what am I missing?


    Thanks in advance. 

  • We are having similar issues.  It is quite confusing to determine the model number of the computer with the desingation of DCNE.  What does this mean?  I have figured from looking at Dell's Website, that we have some type of OptiPlex, for which I am asking our techs to check for the model number again. 

    So I am curious as to what these designations mean and what the model number belongs to.

    Thanks. Amy

  • Hello,

    I believe that the 4 alpha character nomenclature you are referring to is the discriptor for the case size of the computer.  The Optiplex 745 comes in 4 configurations:  Mini Tower, Desk Top, Small Form Factor and Ultra Small Form Factor.  I'm not sure about the rest, but I have a DCCY and this is the Small Form Factor case, which is 12.4" x 3.65" x 13.4".  The smaller the case size the fewer number of bays and expansion slots.  Also the power supply is reduced with each step down you take from the Mini Tower to the Ultra Small Form Factor. 

    Although long after your original question, I hope that this helps.


    Regulatory Model (Mini-Tower): DCSM
    Regulatory Model (Desktop): DCNE
    Regulatory Model (Small Form Factor): DCCY
    Regulatory Model (Ultra Small Form Factor): DCTR

  • So how does Regulatory Model (Mini-Tower): DCSM translate to a normal Dell model number?  What series is this in, and what model numbers could it be?

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