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sm bus controller

  • I have recently done a reinstall and although everything is working - the device manager is yellow flagging under "other devices"

    "sm bus controller" saying that the drivers for this device are not installed - code 28 I have had the install wizard search windows xp pro and the net but it simply say's no driver found etc - I have a dell dimension E520 with an nvidia 8600gt video card and the rest is standard for the dimension - does anyone know what the "sm bus controller" does and where I canget  the required driver(s)

  • you don't mention what OS you have but go here. Select our OS and download and install the chipset driver.

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  • SM stands for systems management.  It is part of the chipset.  Per above, install chipset driver for your model and OS.


    Ideally, this driver should be installed before any other hardware drivers, so it may become necessary to reinstall those after the chipset driver. 

  • both on and on the Drivers section of the resource CD you have a "Chipset" section for a Chipset driver. This needs to be installed first as it is a 'backbone' for the other drivers