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OptiPlex GX280 startup problems


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OptiPlex GX280 startup problems

  • I have A 3 1/2 year old OptiPlex GX280, running WinXP SP2.  Startup crashes 3 different ways in sequence.

    First time startup is normal, can work in XP for 1 to 3 minutes then suddenly it turns off and reboots to initial boot screen, and then freezes. Hold in the power button until machine shuts off. 

    Next start up  machine beeps 6 times  {1 beep, long pause, 3 beeps, short pause, 2 beeps }. fan then speeds up (loud and very fast). Hold in the power button until machine shuts off.

    Next start up  machine boots to initial boot screen then freezes. Hold in power button, machine shuts off.

    Next start up the secquence repeats. 

    If I replace the hard drive from an identically configured computer, I get a blue screen, checkdisk is required.

    If I put the original hard drive into the other computer, I get the same blue screen.

    The USB port on the monitor is not plug into the computer.

    Some dust had collected on each end of the head sink and has been removed.

    No software or hardware has been added in months.

    Is problem motherboard, processor, heat sink sensors, or something else.

    Any one has any ideas. 

  • The 1-3-2 beep code is a memory error beep code.

    I'd suggest to try with 1 dimm at a time to see if you can find which one causes the errors and then have it replaced or buy new memory (depends on your warranty status).

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