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Should I delete 'System Error Memory Dump Files'?


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Should I delete 'System Error Memory Dump Files'?

  • Hi:


    When I run disk cleanup in Vista, it comes back with lots of different temporary files that I can delete (it 'ticks' them by default). However, there are some big areas that disk cleanup doesn't tick, for example, 'System Error Memory Dump Files', which is over 500 MB in size. My question is - should I tick this for deletion when running disk cleanup? Or should I just say 'OK' to whatever Vista has ticked by default and leave the other areas alone?



    Ken A. Dienne

  • Here you go Ken some good info


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  • Thanks, Dave, that's perfect! :)



  • good question AND nice find, dave.  i'll know what to do with those next cleanup!




  • Runinng disk cleanup to erase minidump files and system retore files(just leaving the latest restore) in my opinion should be performed weekly. Definately keeps the system running optimal.

  • Davet50 wrote:

    Here you go Ken some good info


    THAT is exactly what I do on a frequent basis.

    Ususally if I install a new peripheral or software.... after about a week of no issues, I go in and cleanup and get rid of the old restore points as well.  Good Find Dave :)







  • Once I do a clean up I get the following message "system error memory dump files" and I continue to get "you are running out of space on recovery (D)