xps one how to manually eject stuck cd


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xps one how to manually eject stuck cd

  • I have a cd that will not eject from my xps one dvd drive bay. How can I manually eject it? I can not find the typical eject hole in my XPS One. Help!
  • I'm not that familiar with the XPS one since it only came out in the UK about a week ago to my knowledge but heres a few ideas: 


    a.) go to your my computer (or wherever you normally access your CD drive), right click on the drive icon and select eject.


    b.) if that doesnt work then the CD may be physically jammed into the drive. You may need to disassemble the exterior to find the hardware eject button.

  • on the front of the CD drive there should be a very small hole , use a tooth pic or a very dull needle , inset in  the hole  push gently   and the cd should eject
  • Toronto699 - there is NO "eject" hole on a slot load drive.


    Angel - have a look at this search - most of the articles refer to Macs but the procedure would probably be the same.

  • call xps tech support , easiest thing to do

  • All,

    If a disc seems stuck in the drive and does not want to eject when you press the eject button, no mechanical ejection mechanism like an eject hole on other drives is available. Try these steps to remove the disc:
    Eject the disc using software such as Windows® Explorer.
    Turn off the system and retry on boot to eject the disc.
    Try ejecting the disc while in System Setup.

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  • Or you could just pry it open with a knife point.  Very high tech solution.:smileyhappy:
  • Thanks for the advice. I didn't thinking of looking for an eject hole.   Bert Scharf
  • hi-

    I have a dell xps 15z with a stuck turbo tax disk. It didn't begin install upon insertion as I would have expected.  It isn't showing up on 'my computer'. there is no eject button or pin hole. i've restarted my computer 3x and haven't seen anyway to eject the disk. please help! Ready to throw this computer across the room!!

  • There should be a small hole near the disc drive. Just insert a paper clip into the hole and push.

  • There is no small hole near the disc drive of the dell xps 15z....

  • Hi tboyd66,

    Please stick to one thread. I've requested additional information in response to your first message. Let's continue with the conversation there.


  • What is the complete model of your DVD drive? I can't find any official site for XPS. As far as I know, there should be like a manual eject hole but based on the conversation, there appears to be nothing.

    Last option here would be to dismantle to DVD drive, might need a tech to do this. The complete model number of this device too so we could look for any documentation online.

  • This is the laptop I have: www.dell.com/.../pd

    It's ultra thin. There is no tray for the dvd drive. It's just a narrow slot.


  • Angel Garcia
    I have a cd that will not eject from my xps one dvd drive bay. How can I manually eject it? I can not find the typical eject hole in my XPS One. Help!