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Dimension 8400 wont start up - no screen whatsoever


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Dimension 8400 wont start up - no screen whatsoever

  • Hi


    My D8400 will not start up...it blinks the CDs and runs the fan, but nothing else...NO video at all.  no hard drive activity either. (beyond startup noises)


    I tried replacing the video card, it did nothing. (happen to have another comptuer with a PCI-E card to try)


    I am thinking the power supply.  it is a 350W power supply.  I have a 250W laying around as a spare.  Can I try the lower wattage just to see if it boots?  Maybe not plug in all the Cds etc?


    Otherwise, do I order a PSU from Dell or just get a 350W unit?  Not sure how common they are in size/specs.



  • I also will add, are there any other test I can run?  Should I turn it on with it open to check for lights on the MOBO etc?


    also, this computer has been having some blue screens...could be related to a very hot environment.  It is in a closed cabinet that gets VERY hot.  I try to keep the door open, but kids close it etc.  I mean, HOT.

  • What color is the power indicator? Is it blinking?


    Check the diagnostic lights on the back (A-B-C-D).   They often give a clue as to what the problem is.


    It should run from a 250W supply with minimal load.  That should be a good test.





  • Check the diagnostic ABCD lights on the back and report the results or look them up here.

  • My power button stays green.


    I will go check the diagnostic lights.  I couldnt find them initially on the back panel, I will go check again. 


    Ok, I rebooted and got this:


    First, I tried it without everything hooked up...e.g. just the unit plugged in.  The lights flashed and sat at YYGG for a bit, but then did a double beep and was at GGGY.  I reseated the memory modules and didnt get these lights to change.


    SO, since the beep beep was new, I hooked everything back up as it has always been and rebooted.  I didnt watch the lights (it is in a cabinet) but I heard everything start up but nothing happened.  No beeps and the rear lights are all GGGG.  Power light is solid green (no flash).  


    CD drives I can open/close.


    Screen shows nothing...no bios, nothing.


    Help! :smileysad: 


  • Tried a different monitor? 


    Replaced the motherboard battery..?



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  • hmmmm...I could try a different monitor.


    Motherboard batttery??  Never replaced that before.. 

  • It seems as if your computer is working fine because GGGG on the DIAG lights indiacates it was able to finish POST and is giving the controll to the OS now. You may want to check on the power light of the monitor. If its yellow or green. you did the right thing trying to swap video cards. trying a different monitor is the next thing to do. If you have a flat panel monitor you can also unplug it from your system and then try to turn it on. You should see a SELF TEST FEATURE CHECK to see if the monitors screen is still ok.
  • I will try a different monitor today.


    My current flat panel LCD screen turns on, shows the EIZO logo, then claims to analog or digital signal...then sits and waits...then goes into power save mode (normal when no input is present).


    I will take up my 2nd new lcd panel and see if that fixes it. 

  • well, this has gone an unusual path.


    I didnt get luck with my 2nd monitor, but I tried the VGA connection instead of the DVI.


    This allowed me to see the screen!  However, I get a blue screen and cannot even boot in safe mode.  I have no idea why/how this is related to the video issue.


    however, I get a STOP 0x00000024 (0x00190203,0x8C885240,0xC0000102,0x00000000).


    I have researched and found this is a NTFS.sys issue.  Most solutions say to run chkdsk etc..they all assume I can even get into windows.  I cannot even get into Safe mode w./ command prompt..


    I tried booting to an XP disc, and went to recovery console, but it couldnt find my hard drive!!!


    I may try to download an use an Ultimate boot Cd or something similar.




  • Reboot and press F2 at the splash screen.  In BIOS setup, change the hard drive setting from RAID to RAID Autodetect/ATA. Save the change, exit and reboot from XP CD. That should allow Recovery Console to see the hard drive.



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  • Well, 80% fixed.


    I used Ultimate Boot CD, NTFS tool to run a chkdsk.  It found multiple errors.


    then I was getting 7B errors for some reason....so I changed the bios back to the above RAID/AHCI setting. Computer would boot in safe mode.  I then ran anti-virus and anti-spy etc...also downloaded Seatools and ran the quick self test and SMART test.  all passed.


    I am running another chkdsk now and may run a defrag.  I noticed a couple applications (Itunes for one) are gone, at least they dont work. (shortcut is dead).


    Now my problem is I the video card only works on VGA analog.  I was getting blue screens with the video driver in a continous loop...especially during World of Conflict game.


    I have heard of driver issues causing DVI problems.  I will un-install and re-install the latest drivers without anti-virus running (I never turned anti-virus off before).


    Hopefully I can get DVI to run again.


    TWO issues in one!!  whew.



  • We'll have to charge you extra for 2 problems.

    :D :D :D



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  • Overnight I got a blue screen (I left the computer on to do a defrag) with:


    STOP 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, etc..etc..)


    I have researched and it could be a ton of things.  I will be setting a new pagefile by setting it to ZERO, rebooting, and resetting it to 1.5x my RAM 4.5mb in this case.  then rebooting again and defrag completely.


    other thoughts?