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GX280 won't boot, only gives amber light.


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GX280 won't boot, only gives amber light.

  • It's been getting progressively worse until it is now at the point it won't boot at all. If I plug the computer in with the case open or closed it comes up with an amber light on the power indicator, the CPU fan takes off and runs at full speed, but the computer will not boot. It used to come up after a few tries but now nothing. I've tried unplugging the drives, memory all to no success.
    It's getting really frustrating and instead of my Dell facing a quick trip through the front window and on to the lawn maybe somebody here can help?
  • Any diagnostic lights (A-B-C-D) on the back?  Solid amber generally means some sort of issue with the motherboard.

    I would pull the RAM, cards and drives from the motherboard and see if the power indicator is still solid amber.

  • Same model GX280 and same problem. It started doing it once in a while and got frequent and today it
    won't boot at all. If you unplug the power cable, you don't even need to press the power button when
    you plug it back in because it turns on by itself. The LED on the power button is yellow solid, all 4 of the
    diagnostic lights stay off. You'll hear or feel the CPU and the power adapter fans spinning. I have cleared the CMOS/NVRAM, I have removed the hard drive, the CDROM, the floppy, and the memory chips, it behaves
    the same way as described above. According to the manual, the solid yellow power button light is due to:
    -the diagnostic test is running
    -a device on the MB may be faulty or incorrectly installed
    I'm not running the diag test and I haven't installed any new device on the MB so the only issue might be
    a device on the MB is faulty. But what device could it be when I can't even get to the BIOS or Boot Menu to
    run a diag test?
  • Just read the hot topic message and tried the following

    Journal ID: 08066YJWVS Wizard ID: 107421 Date Published: 8/14/2003 Last Revised: 10/12/2007.

    This time when I plug the power cable in, it doesn't turn on automatically, I have to press the power
    button to turn it on. However it behaves the same way, no post, no video, just the yellow solid light
    on the power button.
  • Solid amber typically indicates power problem.  I would think that it is the power supply or the motherboard.  Try swapping power supplies with a known good.  Here's another post with exactly the same issue - the solution was memory wasn't seated properly - http://www.dellcommunity.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=oplex_other&message.id=16944

  • I put in a working power adapter from a different Optiplex (another GX280) and it booted fine. So it is
    the power adapter. Thanks to everybody who helped me to pinpoint the problem. And because I want
    to contribute my 1 cent so that someone else could use it, this is why I came back to report my find.
  • Please help! I have tried swapping out the power supply and reseating the RAM and I checked out all cable connections.  I still have a solid amber light on the power button and the ABCD lights do not come on.  Also my CPU fan sounds like a vacuum cleaner.  I am also running a Optiplex GX280 and it's out of warranty.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks.