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Dell 2400 constantly beeps and won't turn on


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Dell 2400 constantly beeps and won't turn on

  • A bizaree thing happened today. First, while on, the computer kept inserting the numbers 4,8 and 9 into anything I typed. I removed the keyboard, restarted, and it continued to do it without a keyboard attached. I tried a different keyboard, same results.

    Now, my computer won't do anything past powering on. I get no screen, nothing. Now, it has this contant, rapid beeping that won't stop. The fan works and the power LED in the front still turns on. Anybody hear of this problem and know if the computer is salvageable?
  • What color is the power indicator?  Is it blinking?

    Any diagnostic lights (A-B-C-D on the back)?

    I would start by reseating everything: RAM, cards, cables, peripherals.

    If that doesn't help, try stripping it down to the bare minimum.

  • Hi i had this problem on a laptop about 2 yrs ago same thing happend i was told to reinistall windows i did that and it worked hope this helps

  • ksnvm wrote:

    Hi i had this problem on a laptop about 2 yrs ago same thing happend i was told to reinistall windows i did that and it worked hope this helps

    How can you reinstall Windows if the machine won't even pass POST?

  • Hi i used spotmau power suit and it let me reinstall windows only trying to help

  • Thanks Peter. Excuse my naivete but what do you mean by "reseating"? Do you mean to re-connect them?


    The power indicator on the front is green and there's also an LED on the motherboard near the power supply connection that is green. I'll check for diagnostic lights when I get home later.





  • Reseating basically means to pull the part out and put it back.  It may sound ridiculous but it has fixed many machines.  Sometimes the contacts become slightly tarnished or oxidized or items can work out of connectors due to heating and cooling.

    Also see if the beep pattern is in this table.


  • Thanks Peter I will try that.

    Although there's been another scary update... I plugged my computer in place of that one so my wife could continue working and the same thing happened to that one. She IM'd me and it was printint 4,8 and 9s as she wrote. I had her shut it down it immediately before it fizzled out completely like the other.


    I don't know what this development means but it's starting to just feel like a virus. I'll still report back about the other proposed fix.

  • A virus scan  couldn't hurt.  But that presumes you can boot the machine.

  • Before reseating the Dell, I plugged it in another room and it started fine. Ran a virus check and nothing came up.


    I ran a virus check on the other computer and nothing came up. I still don't have a clue what went wrong. Thanks for your help Peter.



  • Hi-


    I had the exact same problem with my Dell PC (dont know the model off hand) last year.  I ended up calling support and after an hour on the phone with someone in India, we fixed the problem.  Basically, they said the memory board (?) wasn't being read and they had me remove the 2 boards and then put them back in.  Thankfully, it worked.  However, I went to turn my computer on the other day and there it was, beeping like crazy AGAIN.  Because I don't remember the exact steps we took to fix last time, I have to call them, spend another $50 on a support call, and hopefully fix this.  My computer is less than 3 years old and I am not happy.  I'm buying a new computer as soon as I can fix this and backup my data. 


    Does anyone know why this happens?