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Optiplex 755 and two monitors


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Optiplex 755 and two monitors

  • Hello Folks
                  I am hoping someone in Dell land can help with a quick question.
    I have just added an ati x1300 graphics card to my optiplex along with another gig of memory.
    Plan is to run two monitors, one using onboard graphics one from the card,( the box is low profile so we couldnt find a dual head card,)we run other older dells with 2 monitors, with one on onboard vga.
    The problem is the bios does not allow for onboard and add in graphics to run together one has to be disabled. Never come across this before. Question is, will a bios update change this?
    Or is there another way around this.
    thanx in advance
  • Matrox has solutions for this. Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition Matrox DualHead2Go Analog Edition
  • Thanx 4 the response.. that could be an option if i can convince the boss to shell out again.
    Looks interesting.
    Was hoping that a bios change might enable both onboard vga and addon card?
  • If you go under Parts for your Dell, and look under Optiplex 745 Desktop
    There's a DVI addon card that'll work with your onboard intel (for 2 monitors I _think_)
    and if there's doubt, a $105 radeon that'll come with a cable/dongle to plug in two monitors.
    I'd pick that over a Matrox. (I have doubts about even their 2D acceleration)
    I think these will work with the 755, if you buy a new 755, there's a DVI addon card option for $10.
    Should be the same thing.

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  • hello thanks 4 the sugestion. boss aint gonna shell out for any more upgrades. so i am stuck with the setup i have... if the bios would only allow both onboard and addon graphics to work together( like all the other Dells here do) then i would be ok.
    i checked and there is a newer bios for the Optiplex. Seemes this adds dual monitor suport, for dual head cards, but i am not sure if it will enable the "both at once" that i need.
    I gota run it past IT before I can get the bios updated( even though its a piece of cake to do)..
    What i was hoping for was some confirmation that the latest optiplex bios will allow me to enable both graphics. ?
    If not looks like Dual monintor is off the menu for me
  • You install another card, onboard is disabled. No way around it.
  • :smileysad: That Stinks ....older Dells allow both to work....And the optiplex 755 is even advertised as dual monitor capable..
    But thanx 4 the response anyway
  • A better question is:
    Does the cheap DVI addon card replace the VGA with DVI (disabling the VGA), or give you dual head with onboard...
    If I remember, I'll plug one into the 745 I have.

  • avldwx wrote:
    A better question is:
    Does the cheap DVI addon card replace the VGA with DVI (disabling the VGA), or give you dual head with onboard...
    If I remember, I'll plug one into the 745 I have.

    The DVI addon card is NOT a video card you are still running off onboard. If you ask me it will probably disable VGA - I mean Dell doesn't install that plastic blocking piece for no reason.
    Dells are dual monitor capable if you get the correct video card. Never can you use onboard and an addon card at the same time (Intel thing)
  • with a 745 mini-tower:
    the ADD2 card and the onboard VGA are working together. (as dual head)
    the DVI card is DVI only, no DVI>VGA adapter will work
    the onboard intel driver has options for cloning and extended desktop.
    I'm running it right now for this thread.
    This card probably works with 755.
  • nice
  • Hello again folks.
    Still not running two monitors yet... but getting closer i think
    Dell customer support have been very nice and even phoned me at work today.
    A dvi card would indeed be one option, i do however intend to use my pc for 3d work with autodesk revit( it does just about beat minimum spec) so a 3d card is a must i think.
    A riser card is available for the optiplex 755, alowing it to take full height cards, and i think that this is the way 4 me to go, cos i then have a huge choice of dual output cards to choose from.
    All i gota do now is get the boss to pay 4 it :smileysurprised:
    i will let ya know if / when i finaly get it running
  • There is a riser card to give you two FH PCI cards.... if you have the desktop model.
    There is a PCIe Quadro LP card with the two headed dongle that would serve you best.
    there's some PNY nVidia Quadro NVS 285 's on eebay
  • I used to use the Optiplex 745 Two monitors with DVI Riser Card Trick, worked great. (Even after multiple assurances from our Dell Rep that it does not support Dual Displays with the Riser).

    I've got a 755 with the Ati Card in it supporting two displays with the Y cable.(which seems to have worse dual display support than intel onboard, go figure).

    However, with my 755, i've been thinking about being creative and get the onboard working aswell, it stops you from using the VGA, but does anybody know if it is possible to get a DVI riser card on the 755 as well as the ATI 2600?

    I want to use three monitors!

    (sorry, slightly offtopic).
  • OK, lets get clear about this.
    to get a dual monitor setup:
    745 (and I assume 755) Desktop
    1. add PCIe vid card Low Profile (onboard cuts off)... you must use a DMS-59 type card to get dual head, or plug in another low profile PCI (rare).
    2. Add the DVI LP ADD2-N card for a second monitor using the intel onboard (analog (VGA) not supported)... (this is not a considered a 'riser card', it is a special 16x card)
    3. Add the PCI RISER and install one or two Full height PCI Vid cards. this blocks the PCIe and ADD2 options.
    for 3 or 4 head operation, going the option 3 route seems like the only way possible.
    or get a Matrox QID LP PCIe
    Or a nice setup looks like a Quadro 290 NVS in the 16x and another for the 1x (if it'll fit).
    for the 745 and 755 SFF.
    1. add PCIe replacement vid card Low Profile (onboard cuts off)... you must use a DMS-59 type card to get dual, or plug in a second low profile PCI.
    2. Add the DVI LP ADD2-N card for a second monitor for the onboard (analog (VGA) not supported)
    I'm not aware of any riser since there's just no darn room!

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