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Computer not recognizing ethernet cable


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Computer not recognizing ethernet cable

  • My computer crashed recently and I managed to restore it to the factory settings..before it crashed I had always used verizon DSL with an ethernet cable connection, now when i  try to reinstall the DSL software it says that  my computer doesnt have a Ethernet adapter
    can anyone help me..?
    btw its windows xp

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  • whats your system type?

    did you use the cd to reinstall the operating system? you might be missing the driver for your computer.

    check your device manager. click on start, right click my computer, click manage then device manager and on the right pane, look for anything in yellow question mark. :)

  • its a delll dimension 3000
    yes i did use a cd
    and i checked the dev. manger and the no item with a question sign
  • make sure that the ethernet cable is connected at the back and if you have another computer try the cable on that computer.  also check for lights on the port. :)