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Dimension 8110 system restore?


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Dimension 8110 system restore?

  • Got a Dimension 8110 and need to know how to do a factory restore. I do't have a disk, so can it be done internally? It's running XP, and don't offer it in system restore. Can anyone help me out? THANKS!
  • I presume you mean B110. If you want to restore to the factory state, press control-F11 at boot. You might need to try a few times before you get it.

  • Yup, you got it, B looks like an 8 yeah? Thanks! I was on the right track but couldn't remember what function key it was. Thanks!
  • Presuming that I have already tried the CTRL- F11 solution.


    My B110 does not even make it to the dell screen for me to do that approach.


    When started normally a blue screen pops up that says my internal memory is being dumped and all kinds of other crazy stuff.


    I can start it up in safe mode with networking. However would like to restore it to its factory setttings.


    I have used a "mini url" to restore my laptop before without using the CD and just clicking the link.


    Any one know of that to restore a Dimension B110 cause that seems to be the only option without spending the 40 dollars to get a new cd.