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  • Does anyone have the factory restore CD for Dell XPS 400 that comes with the system? I have lost the restore CD and while updating my XP media center OS with VISTA which changed the MBR settings that costs me to erase the Dell utility factory restore hidden folder which can be recall at startup by Ctrl+F11. At this point I have the compatibility issues with VISTA so I wanted to revert it back to my original factory settings by using the quick restore CD. I have already contacted to Dell Tech support and they are afraid to help me out as I am out of warranty now. I would appreciate if anyone who owns Dell XPS 400 can send me the copy of factory restore CD. I will pay for the shipping charges also.




  • You haven't lost the XPS400 DellRestore parition. It's still there. Vista overwrote the Dell MBR.
    You will need to restore the Dell MBR using the utility on the Web called DSRFIX.
    Please refer to this link for instructions for obtaining the utility and how to use it. Once you run the DSR utility and "fix" thte Dell MBR, you'll be able to use the CTRL+F11 again.

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  • Thanks for the help but its too late now to run the utility as I have already formated the HD with linux Disk Druid and reinstall the XP operatig system. I have downloaded the drivers from support site. The system is running fine but the only problem is I cannot recall all the preinstall softwares that comes with OS when I bought. 
  • Yeah, I need that too. I bought this used. It had no drive and only had the Media Center CD. And now I have problems (like no CD burning software, no mpeg decoder) that i think are related to not having the DELL restore CD. Where do I get it? What's the part number?