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Computer screen goes black but computer still on HELP!


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Computer screen goes black but computer still on HELP!

  • hi
    I have had my computer for around 2 years now i think and its recently develpoed a problem where when i turn it on everything works fine for a bit (ranging from 2 hours to under a minute) then my computer screen will just turn black and the little orange light will come on in place of the green one, then the computer will make a few whirring noises but continue to run, all the lights and fans in the computer are still running and the power button is still lit up green. Its very much like when the screen would turn off and you would have to move the mouse/type on keyoard to wake it up
    Also my keyboard and mouse become unresponsive and al the lights on the wireless reciever turn off.
    Its an XPS 400.
    Please help !
    (Sorry if this is in the wrong place, i couldnt find a more relevant one)

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  • Interesting.
    Boot system in the Safe mode, see if the same thing occurs.
    It may be a problem with the Monitor, but more likely the Video Driver or the Video Card itself.
    If you haven't updated the system BIOS and the Video Driver, I'd try that next.
    Does the monitor function normally on another system?  Does this system function with a different monitor.  You may want to post the monitor model too.

    Donald K

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  • ok thanks i shall try updating the bios and graphics card driver.
    but if the same thing happens while its updating the bios or driver, because i have to restart by holding the power button, would it cause problems with the computer?
  • I am having a similar problem. I have had this Dimension 5100 for just over two years now. I thought the problem may be a virus or spyware of some sort, but I reformatted my computer and still have the problem. The only thing that I can recall being the same before and after reformatting is getting the most recent directx update (for directx 9). It also could be a hardware problem. I have replaced three pieces of hardware in the computer. First I replaced the memory, and this was about a year ago. Then I replaced the power supply and the video card about 8 months ago. Instead of two 256 sticks, I now have two 512 sticks. I do not remember the specifics on the power supply, but if it seems important I will look it up. I had a ati x600 video card, and now I have a nvidia 7900 xtreme. I will look into updating my bios, but if there are any other suggestions of a solution that would be great. Thank you, Ben
  • I updated my bios. I don't know if the problem is fixed, I will have to wait and see. I forgot to mention in my first post that my computer usually restarts after the monitor turns off. The monitor will turn off and shortly after the computer will restart. That is what I meant by a similar problem. Ben
  • Most monitors have a self test. Read the manual but mine says remove the cable from the computer and turn the monitor on. If the monitor is OK you will see a color test pattern.
    The other source of monitor problems is the graphics card. Try reseating the graphics card, and if this does not solve your problem, I think you may need to replace it.
  • All the actions I have taken so far to fix the problem:

    -Update video drivers
    -Unplug the monitor for self test (ruled out the monitor as a problem, it is working)
    -Update BIOS

    Right now I have my monitor plugged into the second slot instead of the first slot, in case the problem is coming from the first slot. Is this a possible problem or am I wasting my time? Either way, if this works or not I am getting the video card replaced.

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  • Well i couldn't be bothered to sort the problem out myslef just incase i did more damage so i took it to a computer repair place (warranty ran out) and he says that he thinks that something on my motherboard isnt working so he said he'll replace it and that ive got 2 options
    1.i get a new one from dell which is probably quite difficult
    2. use an identical one not from dell, except this one wont fit in my tower so ill need a new tower ...
    ive gone with 1 and ive got to try and get a new board from dell, does anyone know how hard this is or if its even possible??
    also i bought my pc in the states but since have moved back to england so will that also cause a problem with getting a board??
    if anyone knows the answers to any of these please help!
    Edit: Rast89 if you come across a solution please let me know because a replacement aord is going to cost me over £150 also if you cant find the solution look into getting a new motherboard as this might fix it, when computer is fixed i shall post back if a new motheroard did help and anyother things to try

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