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My Computer keeps crashing(possible bad RAM?)


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My Computer keeps crashing(possible bad RAM?)

  • I've had this computer for only about a month. It's an Inspiron 531 with 2GB RAM and a good processor. It's running Windows Vista Home Premium. I've been using AVG for virus protection.

    As soon as I got it, I started having problems with it crashing. Sometimes it would crash 10 times in only about half an hour. It's usually when I'm using programs that use a lot of memory, but they still shouldn't even be using 1/4th of my RAM, and I have programs that use a lot of memory a lot. I've also had a problem with an IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO error, which I've heard has something to do with bad RAM.

    Recently I started keeping a log of every time it crashed with the date, time, and program running.

    10/03 6:59 P.M. - Firefox
    10/03 8:43 P.M. - SS
    10/04 8:44 P.M. - Windows Media Player
    10/04 9:01 P.M. - Windows Media Player
    10/05 6:28 P.M. - Firefox
    10/05 9:35 P.M. - Counter-Strike: Source
    10/05 11:45 P.M. - Firefox
    10/06 8:11 P.M. - Windows Media Player

    SS is a Java program that uses roughly 90k memory, and Counter-Strike is a video game.

    I've tried talking to Dell about the problems, but they didn't help at all. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  • Use F12 at the dell logo screen during boot, to run the dell diagnostics.
  • Hi, got same problem with my Dimension 9150. That was RAM memory module. How I found it... Download THIS. Burn this image on CD. Boot your PC from this CD, and this program will test your memory. If it will find errors, take one module out, and test again. So you will find the corrupted module. Good luck

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    DELL Dimension 9150
    PD 930 Processor Dual Core (3.00GHz, 800FSB, 2x2MB)
    Memory Dual-Channel 2048MB (4x512) 533MHz DDR2
    500GB (2x250GB) 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive - Raid 0 Stripe
    Upgraded Single 512MB ATI HD4870 Gigabyte graphics card

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