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Vostro 200 short beep during Bios


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Vostro 200 short beep during Bios

  • another question regarding the Vostro 200; when i start the system a short beep is heard- is it normal for the Phoenix bios and this system ? 
  • I think it's normal.

    When I cold start the Vostro (200 ST), there's a short beep.

    When I warm start (ie re-boot) a running Vostro, there's no beep when it re-boots.

    When I enter the BIOS setup and then exit to boot, there's a short beep.

    The beep codes are listed here:

    The list ist not too clear, though: It says
    Code (repetive short beeps)
    ... but then starts the list with number 1, which means one but no "repetive short beeps" (plural). Furthermore I can't imagine that a single beep is an error. Nearly all PCs I ever used beeped at boot-time.
  • thanks! it's normal. verified it from a friend. The thing is that all other Dell desktops i've installed didn't have beeps as a form of error reporting.