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Optiplex GX280 Internal Battery.


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Optiplex GX280 Internal Battery.

  • Hello,
    At boot up, I sometimes get a BIOS message stating the system battery is low and needs to be replaced...
    Can I do this? Or do I have to contact Dell to come to me?
    Can anyone provide a link to a Dell solution for me?
    Cheers and thanks!
  • you certainly can do this yourself. go here to view the manual for your pc... http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/opgx280/en/ug/index.htm

    looks like no instructions there for battery replacement but it will show you how to open the case to access the battery. usually looks like a big watch battery. remove the battery, take it to the local electronics store & purchase replacement.

    removing the battery will revert bios settings to default. if needed, refer back to the manual to update bios settings.
  • Thanks heaps for the info!
  • Maybe this.
    Dell™ will provide out of warranty coverage in North, Central and South America for OptiPlex™SX270(UFF), GX270, GX280 systems with failed motherboards due to expanding or leaking capacitors for 5 years from date of purchase, or until 31-January-2008, whichever comes first.