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e520 spec shows 10/100/1000 NIC but only got Intel 10/100 adapter

  • I just received one of the new e520 systems with Ubuntu, when I was ordering I was sure it said it had 10/100/1000 as I'm using 1000Mbps for all my LAN components.  When it arrived it was only a 10/100 Intel 82562V controller which is very disappointing. 
    I went back and double checked and yes the e520 ordering page STILL says the NIC supplied is 10/100/1000 - I have a screen shot from just now to prove it.  However on the invoice it just says "builtin NIC" with no info on speed. 
    I'm not going to return the system - that's too much hassle for a $20 part but I do think they owe me an adapter card to get the speed they advertised and that I specifically looked out for at ordering time (I've turned down many another system or mobo because it was only 10/100).  Sigh.
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    Edit your forum user profile to include the system service tag number. I can then take a look at your order.

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  • Done, thanks. PS. This order was placed by my partner on behalf of our business.