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  • The Dimension E510 is doing 4 beeps pause and 2 beeps when power on.  Please somebody assist me to figure out what its wrong with my dear compu!!!!
  • Unfortunately Dell does not document the beep codes. Why not chat or send an email to ask them what it means?


    Beep Codes

    Your computer might emit a series of beeps during start-up if the monitor cannot display errors or problems. This series of beeps, called a beep code, identifies a problem. One possible beep code (code 1-3-1) consists of one beep, a burst of three beeps, and then one beep. This beep code tells you that the computer encountered a memory problem.

    If your computer beeps during start-up:

    1. Write down the beep code.

    2. Run the Dell Diagnostics to identify a more serious cause.

    3. Contact Dell for technical assistance (see your computer Owner's Manual for information about how to contact Dell).