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Optiplex GX270 BIOS Password Clearing


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Optiplex GX270 BIOS Password Clearing

  • Hello,
    I inherited an Optiplex GX270 with a BIOS/Bootup password. I removed the battery on the system board but to no avail. I need to go into BIOS and also to boot Windows but both need this stupid password, which I unfortunately don't have and no one seems to know (that's how I ended up with this "gift").
  • gtstylee,

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    There is a jumper on the main board just to the left of the main power connector that is marked PSWD. You remove this jumper to clear the system BIOS password.
  • I would add to Elsbeth's reply that you should unplug the system from AC power before doing the jumper password reset. Sometimes the password will not clear if power is on the system when the jumper is pulled.
  • Great thanks from Tunisia to your help
  • hi

    How can I get SN Passwored for GX 270, or reset PASSWORD.


  • Hi Mohammad marwany,

    Read the message above by Dell-Elsbeth.