GX620 + A11 BIOS = USB Keyboard Problems - Dell, PLEASE Respond to this Issue!


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GX620 + A11 BIOS = USB Keyboard Problems - Dell, PLEASE Respond to this Issue!

  • UPDATE 2: Flashing back to the A10 BIOS fixed the problem. Hopefully, Dell will find the issue with A11 and resolve it.

    UPDATE 1: Novell Support is aware of the problem with USB keyboard lockup after booting from a SLED 10 install CD.

    Link: http://www.novell.com/support/dynamickc.do?externalId=3038395&sliceId=SAL_Public&command=show&forward=nonthreadedKC&kcId=3038395

    Original Post, with some edits:

    I have a GX620 which worked fine with my USB keyboard in x86_64 SLED 10 Linux (OS was installed on my hard drive prior to the A11 BIOS update). Several days after flashing to the A11 BIOS, I attempted to boot from the 32 bit i386 SLED 10 install CD so that I could install the 32 bit version of SLED 10. Although the USB keyboard still works with the BIOS utility, as soon as I attempt to boot Linux, I lose all keyboard functionality. I have tried connecting the keyboard to other ports, but have not been able to resolve the issue.

    Dell, can you please respond to this issue? It's a serious problem. Thanks.

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  • I'm not saying Dell won't respond, but keep this in mind from the FAQs.

    With this problem it may be better to contact Dell phone support due to the nature of the issue.

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  • Good point; I understand this is a users forum, and that Dell may not monitor and/or respond. That said, I find their phone support to be annoyingly slow at times, and I was hoping that my post would generate a response.

    We have a reasonably large account with them. Perhaps I will see if I can get this issue escalated.

    Thanks for the comment.
  • If you have a TAM (gold support, assuming you're in the US), maybe you can talk to him/her about this to see if they can get this issue addressed.

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  • It will be addressed in A12 release due in June.