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BIOS diagnostics error code 79


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BIOS diagnostics error code 79

  • I could not get my Dimension 2350 to boot, determined the BIOS could recognize the hard drive, but not read it, so suspected it was compromised and I reformated.  It does recognize the hard drive, however will not boot.  I ran diagnostics from BIOS and got error code 79.  Can anyone tell me what this means??
    Thank you
  • A code 79 means the hard drive has failed, usually to bad sectors. 
  • Does that mean the HD needs to be replaced?
    I was able to install the hard drive as a slave in another computer, and was able to copy my documents onto the primary.  I then formated the drive.
    Thanks again
  • Yes, it means that it needs to be replaced. 
    Although you were able to slave the hard drive and recover files, the bad sector the diagnostics is referring to maybe the boot sector of the drive.  That would prevent the hard drive from booting up an operating system.   Once the drive starts to produce bad sectors, you can almost guarantee that more will follow until the drive is unusable even as a slave.

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