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GX520 Video upgrade


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GX520 Video upgrade

  • I want to put a video card in my daughter's Dell Optiplex GX520 SFF. At present it uses the onboard Intel GPU and suffices for most needs. However, I am finding an increasing number of games will not run without a proper video card. Her machine has a 3ghz P4 and 512mb ram and runs Windows XP Professional SP2 with all updates.

    I would like either a Nvidea or ATI card (I believe that the slot is PCI Express) and being a SFF will need a half hight card presumeably. I don't need blistering dual card SLI performance, just something where she can run the same games as her brother can with his 2.4ghz 512mb Nvidea Ti4600 agp setup!

    Any reccomendations and best place to purchase?

  • You need a half height PCI video card, not PCI-e
    GX520 only has PCI slots
  • Thanks. Any recommendations up to say $100 (£60/70)

  • you can try nvidia geforcce fx5200, fx5600, ati radeon 9200, 9250
    the best one out there is ati x1300 pci but that costs like $150, and i'm not even sure if it is half height
  • OK, I have seen the FX5200 low profile for sale in either 128mb or 256mb versions for £45/£64 respectively.


    I see that the card has a fan. Does the motherboard support this?

  • yes but u need a half height bracket
    that one has a full height bracket
    what you need to do after buying that card is to buy a low profile bracket and then remove the original by removing the screws by the video port
  • Does this look like the correct type?


  • As long as the video card only has VGA and TV out and not DVI
  • Looks like it does only have VGA & TV Out.

    This is the description of the Interfaces:

    Expansion / Connectivity
    Interfaces 1 x VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
    1 x TV-out
    Compatible Slots 1 x PCI

  • I used Dell PCI riser card, Part number X8474, to allow me to use a full height video card. This riser card has a PCI slot and PCI express slot but only the PCI slot will work. It is designed to plug into two slots but since the GX520 does not have a PIC express slot, it will only plug into the PCI slot. The other connector just hangs in space where the PCI express connector should be. I’m using an ATI VisionTek 9250 video card to run two monitors. A Dell LCD screen and a 17” regular monitor just fine.

  • How much was that riser card? Shaun
  • X8474 PCI riser card was about $25 plus shipping.
  • And is it complicated to switch from on board graphics to a video card? Shaun
  • How does the X1550 PCI compare with the X1300? (I am using a GX1 minitower, Win98SE.)
  • BTW, of all the ones that you mentioned (except the X1300), the GeForce 5600 is the pretty clear winner. But even better than that, would be GeForce 6200, also available in PCI version.