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Optiplex GX620 Beep Code 1-3-2


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Optiplex GX620 Beep Code 1-3-2

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My system has 2 x 512MB Ram (DDR PC2 5300). I installed another 2 x 1GB (DDR PC2 5300). Then when I started the system I got beep code 1-3-2, no video output.
I've removed the extra RAM, but get the same beep code. I've tried removing and re-installing the original RAM and every possible sensible combination, but still can't get pass this beep code.
Anybody have any ideas?
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  • Which one is yours
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  • Sorry, I should have mentioned that it was the mini tower.
  • I would open the case and remove the cmos (#13) battery for 15 minutes and replace with a new one if possible. Put the memory back in before replacing the battery.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. As soon as I get a new battery I'll let you know how it went.
  • You should not need a new battery
    Install the RAM chips one at a time
    Reseat other components such as CPU as well

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  • I've reseated the memory modules, the CPU and replaced the CMOS battery, but it hasn't worked.
    Any more ideas?
  • You never stated if you are using the onboard video or an add in card, if you are using onboard, try putting in Pci video card, to see if you can get video.

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  • I'm using an add in card. It's been working for about a year.
  • If you have onboard video, remove the card and use that.
  • Hi,

    I know this post is really old, but I was just having the same problem, post beep was 1-3-2.

    What fixed my problem was taking out the ram that was not the same brand as the other sticks.

    It may have just been that the computer didn't want to accept another brand, but also could be that that ram stick was faulty.

    Hopefully this helps anyone else who searches this topic soon!

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