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DELL dimension 8300 RESOURCE cd...(drivers)

  • i know-i know...drivers are on the dell site but does anyone know were i can find a resource cd for the 8300 to buy,copy or at least the s/n number (part number) of the cd.....thanks
  • You could try eBay. I believe Dell will just direct you to the website. I just downloaded the the drivers and made my own for what its worth.
  • Hi,
    I have a D810 , that is sitting idling since dec 2005, for want of resource disk.  I will be really thankful if you can tell me the order in which I should download and install the drivers to make my laptop get connected to internet and get back.
    best regards
    Sunanda. S
  • That's a great idea..   I did the exact same thing yesterday.  I went to the Dell drivers download site, and downloaded and saved all the drivers for both my E-510 and Dimension 4700 computers. Once I had them all on my desktop, I made two folders for them... one for the E-510 and one for the 4700. I then burnt the two folders to media and have it neatly tucked away for future use.
  • Sunanda,
    Are you trying to get get drivers for a Dimension desktop or a Inspiron/Latitude laptop? I only ask because I don't see any Dimension 810 (unless its a the 8100?) or any 810 laptop. In general you want to download and install the chipset driver first, then the video driver, followed by the audio driver. The rest of the drivers, such as onboard network (NIC)  can be installed in any order.