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SM Bus Driver for Windows Server 2003 (Precision 380)


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SM Bus Driver for Windows Server 2003 (Precision 380)

  • I am running Windows Server 2003 SP1 on my Precision 380 and I need the chipset driver (shows up in the new hardware wizard as "SM Bus Controler") for my Precision 380 so it stops bugging me about the "new hardware".  I tried the Windows XP driver, becuase the XP audio and network drivers worked fine, but it said my OS wasn't supported.
    I assume this is not a critial component, but it is irritating...
  • Try looking at intel for chipset drivers for the system, it might be in them and you will find drivers for that os.
  • The version of the Chipset Software Installation Utility I downloaded from intel's website installed with Windows Server 2003 standard edition (patched to service pack 1) without any problems. The version available on Dell's website for this model (6. something) did not.

    Just thought I would follow up. Thanks for the suggestion, not sure why I didn't think of that myself.
  • I had posted this but it seems you been able to find what i need for my Chipset Driver problem.
    Where could i find the download you mention in this thread.
    Thx in advance.
    Original message on another board:
    My client bought a Dell Precision 380 P4 Processor 630 3.00GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz to install Windows Server Standard 2003(from Dell).
    Installation went well and the installation is running smoothly as we speak with a SATA RAID1(2x250Gb).
    I have a trouble though finding appropriate Drivers Update for that Workstation/Server.
    For example, where could i find proper drivers/software such as:
    1.Disk Array monitor (XP one does not install on Windows 2003);
    2.Chipset (USB ports stability);
    For the rest, the Workstation/Server is very stable and currently run without any Errors/Warnings in the Event Viewer.
    Thx in Advance.

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  • Try this link*%202003%20Standard%20Edition&lang=eng

    if that doesn't work try this
  • Thx i will try it tomorrow morning.
    Hope it will fix the intermittent communication problems i have with either the USB backup system and the CDburner.
    Will give you feedback.
    Sry for the late response but the link permitted to install correcly Chipset updates.
    Thx alot.