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Dimension 5150 - USBs Dead - Error Code 4E00:032B


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Dimension 5150 - USBs Dead - Error Code 4E00:032B

  • Hi,
    Please can someone help...?? I have recently been getting "Power Surge on USB" balloons flicking up so i downloaded the patch from Dell to stop these displaying. Job done!
    A week after though the two USB ports in the front are now dead, and when i try and plug anything in, either nothing happens or the PC crashes.
    I have run a diagnostics check and the error code i get is 4E00:032B Msg: USB Controller 3 shows an over-current Indication on Port A & Port B
    How do i resolve this?? Is it a new motherboard?? And if so i guess that means sending my PC back in to Dell??
    Thanks for any help
  • If it's out of warranty, install a PCMCIA USB 2.0 controller card (about $30-40) to replace the onboard ports.

    If you have to have the system board replaced out of warranty, it'll run you $400-500 with only a 90-day warranty on the part.
  • Thanks for your help. The PC is only 4months old so is still in warranty.