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Keyboard - Sleep Button

  • I have a Dell SK-8100 keyboard and need help determining what the "sleep button" located between the 'F12' and 'Print Screen/SysRq' keys does.
    Is it based on my power settings or something else?  My current power setting are:
    Turn off Monitor: 10 minutes
    Turn off Hard Disks: 20 minutes
    System  Standby: Never (this was set to 30 minutes until a few days ago)
    Hiberate: Not enabled
    I recently installed a Western Digital 250 GB My Book External HD, which kept failing with a paging operation failure (error #51) which I believe may have been caused by going into System Standby.  I have been ok for the past 2 days since I changed the system standby setting.
  • Go to the Control Panel/Power Options/Advanced tab. There you should find the settings for the "sleep" and "power" buttons. Set them to whatever you want.

    Personally, I use standby very frequently and have not had any troubles with it.

  • Peter345,

    Thanks for the response, I do know how to set the power setting and had always used System Standby in additon to shutting off the monitor & HD.  I had to stop using Standby due to the problem with my external HD.

    The question is was hoping to get an answer for is what the button between the 'F12' & 'Print Screen/SysRq' key does?  Will it envoke my current Power Options or is it some other pre-determined function?




  • If you are referring to the "Sleep" button, you can program that via the power options (advanced tab). Please read my previous post. If not, ignore this.

    I don't know what keyboard you have so I don't know what button is between F12 and PrntScrn.

  • Yes I am.  Thanks for your quick reasponse, I'll try using it.
  • I tried using the 'sleep button'.  Even though I have the power option set with System Standby = never; it went into standby and I had a problem with my external hard drive showing a paging error.  Therefore, there must be a different setting that the 'sleep button' uses.  Can anyone help with this issue?



  • YES! YES! YES! YES! There is!!!!!

    Did you try what I suggested? This is my last attempt. Use

    CONTROL PANEL/POWER OPTIONS/ADVANCED TAB/When I Press the sleep button on my computer

    to change the behavior. The sleep button is independent of the automatic standby settings.
  • Yes, I have gone into the Advanced tab that you suggested, but on my Dell 8200 there are only 3 choices:

    A box - to "Always show icon on taskbar"

    A box - to "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby"

    A dropdown window - to select what happens "when I press the power button on my computer"

    There are no choices in this advanced tab to define what the sleep button does.


    There is another tab to select "Power Schemes" - which I have already described.

    These are the same windows that can be accessed either by your method or by right clicking on the desktop and going to power under the screen saver tab.

    What am is missing?


  • OK, that makes more sense.

    I suspect your keyboard does not have a standard sleep button recognized by Windows XP. There might be some software running for your keyboard that handles the functions of that button and any other "extra" buttons. Look around to see if you can find anything that looks like it would help configure your keyboard.