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GX 520 : power button flashing orange

  • Hi,
    I have a user which has the strange problem that his optiplex gx520, from time to time powers off, however the power button keeps flashing orange.
    Pushing the power button gives no response, I have to keep it pushed for about 10 seconds before the flashing stops.
    No status leds on the front. All fans are operational (when I turn on the system) so probably no thermal error. Also no swollen elco's like we had in the optiplex gx280.
    Anyone encountered this problem/behaviour before ?
  • Flashing Yellow = BAD POWER SUPPLY.

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  • its a power related issue..whether it needs a replacement power supply or not is another issue. I have seen several times in the past where its actually been the hard drive for this particular issue. Best thing to do is strip it right down to power supply, motherboard, and cpu then leave it powered on longer than it usually stays on. Probably is the power supply just thought id mention its not guarenteed, the support from dell wont give you 1 for simply having a flashing amber light anyway
  • Remove the memory and listen for beep codes, if there aren't any but the power light on the motherboard is on that means that it could be the motherboard. The PSU should still be able to emit beeps if there is flea power on the MB.
  • Flea power does not indicate good power supply.

    Dell says Bad power supply.

    Blinking Yellow/Amber Initial state of LED at power up. Indicates ICH has power, but the POWER_GOOD signal is not yet active. If LED remains this color, it is probable that the power supply needs to be replaced.


    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • yea probably the power supply being what i said, just remember everything thats connected to the power supply can also have the potential to be causing power supply issues...and thats technically anything in the system
  • I saw this same thing on a PC, the hard drive was the culprit. The PC came from a building that was known to have had power issues (voltage drops and spikes) For some reason about 4 computers there had the same exact issue. All powered on when the hard drive was replaced.

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    They reportedly have bad EMI shielding and when cell phones start to receive data they send out all kinds of nasty stuff (hold one up to your monitor while its receiving a text message to see) This EMI will confuse the 520 and halfway send it into suspend of death or shutoff compleatly.

    They even have a cool video of it at that link.
  • yea well i believe that was fixed on all later systems and it doesnt have anything to do with this issue, puts the system into suspend mode (flashing green)
  • Stop that! You're scaring the Optiplex's giving them a complex thinking they will be replaced by mere Cell phones.

    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • I started having this problem when the 520 turned 3 years old. 1st suspect was the HDD, replacing the HDD did nothing to resolve the issue. Don't know were the problem is but do think it's tempreture related as it happens more freequently on hot days.  Ran the 32bit full test from the restore CD.... all tested OK so either the problem escapes the test or the test is not thorough enough, either way I have an unreliable CX520... anybody want it? it's useless to me, DELL won't help and I don't fancy paying for new power supply as a trial and error option.

    I really do not like DELL's do-it-yourself policy on their products that have run out of warranty. I think DELL should be more supportive towards their customers... maybe they should learn from APPLE on how to run their customer service/support. Last DELL I'll buy... product Ok, support stinks!

    I had 2 other DELLs with problems (Boot sequance slowed down to about 2 hours... i.e. took 2 hours to boot), DELL was no help also

  • We have purchased about 60 Optiplex 520 and 100 Optiplex 745 both small form.  The power supply in both models VERY frequently dies and sometimes take the motherboard with it.  The warranty for all these computers has expired and the worst part is Dell refuses to allow us to purchase replacement power supplies.  We tried for 18 months!!!  They have left us out in the cold.  We are a state agency (read No budget again).  We had to source the ps from another vendor.  In the long run it was cheaper than replacing the unit.

  • I have this same issue as well and have had it since I purchased my Dell. They have sent me two power supplies and they work awhile then the orange flashing light starts again. I too have working fans and there is no good reason for the light? I had never tried turning off the surge but I had unplugged it. None of it worked. I went out and bought yet another power supply from a computer store and viola the silly thing started flashing again after two months. I have found if I take the battery off the computer and then place it back on and the light stops flashing...... All I can say is Boo to Dell. They have to know this is a massive issue. Good Luck!