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Installing and connecting an Iomega 250-MB Zip Drive


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Installing and connecting an Iomega 250-MB Zip Drive

  • Can an Iomega Zip Drive that came out of a 5-year-old Dell Dimension XPS T600 desktop be installed in one of the empty bays on a new Dell XPS 400? If so, how? The zip drive has about a 16-inch-long, 2-inch wide ribbon-like connector with a plug at each end (pardon the novice terminology), but I can't figure out what to connect these ends to, or whether I need some kind of adaptor at each end to connect them. From the front end, the empty bays on the new computer look just like the ones on the old computer; same size and shape, at least.

    This site will give you help in installing your Zip drive in your system. I would suggest that you set the drive to cable select. The long cable is a IDE/ATAPI that is the same cable used by non Sata hard drives. You will have to install the software that came on the CD. The install is just like installing another HD. It should work with Windows XP.

    Go to this site prior to installing the drive to make sure you have the latest drivers and software for your particular drive and your operating system.

    Dell Demension 8400
    3.0GHz P4 processor
    250 GB SATA HD
    ATI 300SE PCI Express Video Card
    1901FP 19" Flat Panel
    NIC card
    DVD+RW 16X Drive
    DVD ROM drive
    56K Modem
    Windows XP SP2 OS
    1 GB DDR2 533MHz memory
    Sound Blaster Audilogy Sound Card

    Dell XPS T850r
    512 MB RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 3 Video card
    20 GB IDE HD
    30 GB IDE HD
    17" Quantex CRT Monitor
    NIC Card
    DVD-/+RW 16x
    CD-RW Drive
    Sound Blaster Live Audio
    Windows XP SP2 OS

    Dell Inspiron 8100
    1.13 Pentium III M processor
    512 MB Ram
    30 GB HD
    15" Screen
    DVD Rom Drive
    CD-RW 8X Drive
    Linksys Wireless Adapter
    Windows XP SP2 OS

    All systems networked using Linksys Wireless Router.