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PWS670, what is the part number for 8gig cooling fan?

  •  I have purchased (4) 2gb sticks. the system tells me I need to add a fan.
     It doesn't tell me any more about the fan I would need.
     I don't want to get careless and add a fan off the shelf.
     I was given a number, WC417, but I can't find any reference to this number
     anywhere on the Dell website.
  • Is a special fan created specifically for the 670 to fit over the memory modules when memory is or exceeds 6GB: I have them installed in two 670 workstations slots.

    I don’t have the part # but you need to call Dell’s parts department for workstations and you can order the fan enclosure: a dedicate three pin is already on the motherboard for the fan’s power.
  • I located the invoice with Dell’s part # when I ordered the memory cooling fan:

    Part # W5620 - Assembly, Shroud, Dual in-Line Module, Transformer
    Metroplex Desxtop

    I order two at $ 10.95 each.
  • According to Dell Support, the Dell PN# for a RAM configuration of less than 8GB is #W5620. The Dell PN # for 8GB and greater is #WC417.
  • Try the following URL,

    parts are listed at -

    e-mail address is:


  • Contact Dell Spare Parts at 800-357-3355 with part number W5620 which is for the fan and shroud assembly for systems with over 4GB of memory and with part number WC417 which is for the fan and shroud assembly for systems with over 8 GB of memory.