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XPS Gen 4 "Alert! Card cage fan failure"

  • Hey,
    Can someone tell me what's the problem here? I started up my PC this morning and I got the above error message in my BIOS screen. I can press F1 and continue normally. The
    "D" error in the back is Yellow at first, but after pressing F1, goes back to green. Can someone tell me what has failed and how to fix it?? thanks :)
  • PS.
    I didn't change or add anything to my system, it was fine the last time I used it... so it's not the same case as some other problems I've seen while searching through the boards... My XPS is a little over 1 year old...
  • JsmXPS,

    Alert! Card cage fan failure =
    expansion card cage fan has failed
    expansion card cage fan is not connected to the system board

    Ensure that an operational expansion card cage fan is installed and connected to the system board and running.
  • Thanks for replying!!
    But I haven't changed anything of this nature in the system... so the Expansion card cage fan should be there... but anyways, can you tell me where it is, I will open my system now to check if anything has moved or became disconnected...
  • Familiarize yourself with the Airflow shroud:

    * Click Start- Turn Off Computer- Turn Off
    * Open the case cover
    * Find the cable under/near the Airflow shroud. Disconnect it from the motherboard, then, reconnect it
    * Close the case cover
    * Power the PC on
    * Watch the keyboard lights. When they flash, tap the F2 key
    * The message, Entering Setup should appear
    * Turn on the Caps Lock, Sroll Lock, and Num Lock leds
    * Press ALT+E and then ALT+F. You should hear a beep
    * Press Esc to exit Setup
    * Press Save/Exit
  • ChrisM I need your help!

    I followed the instructions you provided in the post above. (trying to fix a persistant "card cage failure" error (fan runs, but still get the error on boot up -

    The problem is that sinse i did that, I've had problems with the sound (go figure). My computer will play midi files but no other sound. (well it would make rude noises through the speakers if you turned it up all the way)

    We fixed it once by going to; setup > Onboard Devices > Intergrated Audio > set to off


    Intergrated NIC was on - set to off

    this seemed to fix the problem for a while but today it was back to the no sound but rude noises.

    It's possible that someone used system restore to fix a spyware problem - not sure about that. If so, they may have set the computer back the point before we had fixed the sound the first time. But i wanted to ask you exactly what this fix did (I assume it reset the bios back to a factory state before we had a sound card installed) and if there is anything else we should do to undo this fix?



    as an aside, I have had no luck getting rid of the fan failure message, even though the fan is running

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  • Brian K.,

    So the Onboard Audio operating system off. Make sure there are not any remnants of it in the device manager. Reinstall your PCI sound driver.
  • Me too!  I have the same problem.  All the above suggestions were of no use.
    If you go in the BIOS, it says value out of range.  The fan is spinning.
    We even updated the BIOS from rev 0 to 10  ... no luck.
    Any more suggestions??
  • I don't know if you've seen this (in another thread) but I had this solutioon suggested to me;


    >>>had this type of error with my 600! the computer was complaining that one of the processor fans was not
    >>>working! (it was working)

    >>>the enginner traced the fault to a USB device causing a short and using too much power, it was my web cam
    >>>causing the problems.

    >>>what I would do is this:

    >>>disconnect all USB devices apart from mouse and keyboard,

    >>>restart the computer and see if the problem is reported again if it is not then plug one usb device and >>>restart the computer, keep doing this until the error happens, the last USB device could be causing the >>>problem.

    >>>for example:

    >>>plug usb device > restart > plug USB device> restart>plug device> restart.

    >>>let us know how it goes.

    unfortunately it didn't help me, i still have the erroneous error message at each boot up and my fans are still running.

    But you could try it and see if it helps you of maybe someone else will come by with another suggestion that will help us both.

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  • Figured it out!
    It was bad cable management.  The fan stopped spinning only when the clamshell was closed.  A wire bent into the blades and stopped the fan from spinning.  At least that what fixed it for me.
  • Chris, you are a godsend. That fix worked for me. Weird fix, but it fixed my card cage error message.

  • I tried these steps and now my system will not boot. There is a message about not seeing hard drives.

    What do you suggest?