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Dimension 1100/B110 restore CD


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Dimension 1100/B110 restore CD

  • My mom has a Dimension 1100/B110.  She did not receive a restore CD with her system.  How do I either get a restore cd or make one?  Her system is currently running, but she wants to have the CD on hand just in case.
  • You can call tech support, and request a Operation System CD, and be polite with them.  They may or may not give you one.  Normally you pay the extra $ 10.00 for one at time of system purchase.  Dell does not have or provide a restore cd to factory setting, just an OS cd. 

    Or you can restore to factory settings using the Symantec restore function on that system

    If you do need to reformat and reinstall windows with a OS CD, than this site will help for the rest of the downloads for that system
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