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Optiplex GX280 - Windows 2003 Server Standard

  • I have just installed Windows 2003 Server Standard on my Optiplex GX280 and I have 2 "other devices" that haven't been picked up. One is sm bus controller and the other is an unknown device.
    I have had a look on the dell website for drivers/updates but they dont list any for the Optiplex GX280 on a Windows 2003 Server.
    Any suggestions?
  • Install the chipset drivers. That should clear those up.

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  • I cant find the chipset drivers for Windows 2003 Server on the Dell site, it only goes up to Windows XP for the Optiplex GX280.
  • Try the XP chipset drivers.

    Dell doesn't certify server OSes for desktop systems (and vice versa), so they don't show drivers for server OSes, but XP and 2003 can usually use eachother's drivers.

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  • That's worked great thanks.

    For some reason though it now lists that it has two Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz processors, when it doesn't. Any thoughts on why that is?

  • That is the hyperthreading that makes it show as two proc. If you disable hyperthreading it would show a single proc.
  • That explains that. Thanks.