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Precision 530 and 6800 ultra AGP...

  • Hello, I recently bought a nvidia 6800 ultra AGP.
    Now I would like to get an advice on wich molex connector is the best to assure to the card an optimal power. I though to connect the HardDisk1 molex and the Bay3 molex. The two molex are on two power lines (2 different cables). 
    What do you think?
    thank you in advance
    Workstation Precision 530
  • I forgot to say I have to use a Y-splitter for HardDisk1 molex because I cannot reach the card connect without it.



  • As far as I know, the 6800 AGP card does not work correctly on Precision 530. You will get a Hardware Voltage Falure error message at the BIOS startup.
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