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Dell Dimension 8100 Motherboard Upgrade


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Dell Dimension 8100 Motherboard Upgrade

  • I have a 1.4Ghz Dimension 8100, 1.4Ghz is too slow for most programs I run now, Can I upgrade to another motherboard which fits this case?
  • you might but you can buy a powerleap adaptor from that enables you to got upto 3.0 GHz in a CPU, but the adaptors come with CPUs
  • Oh right, ok, but would I need additional cooling?
  • the powerleap adaptors cam with heatsinks, the 8100 is socket 423 right?
  • Yes, it is. The PowerLeap is the only real upgrade option for the 8100 - the board is very proprietary, and the power supply is as well - any other upgrade would require a new mainboard, CPU, heatsink-fan, power supply, case and all new RAM.
  • Oh, I think the PowerLeap option would be the best then. I watched the installation video off PowerLeaps website, and the heatsink/fan looked rather bulky, would this fit in the 8100's case alright, as I know it has that made to fit fan, heatsink & fan cowling.
  • it should fit fit they have a few dell demonstrations too, and there are a few people on this board who have powerleaped the 8100s too
  • I did the powerleap upgrade myself, and the heatsink/fan fit fine, you just have to get rid of the green heatsink shroud originally in the dimension 8100. The only other drawback is that the new fan with the powerleap will be slightly louder than the original.
  • Ah right ok, well thanks for all the help.